Charity starts at home…

Baby girl & Me x

The house across the road from my childhood home (the home I moved back to in 2015) went up for sale a few months ago.

How lovely would that be? Me and mum on the same street, living our best lives in harmony! Close enough to look out for each other, far away enough to not drive each other crazy … BRILLIANT!

I set to work entering my financial details into the very handy mortgage calculators available on bank websites, but they all kept giving me the same unsavoury results…

…I got the shock of my life when I saw the mortgages “available” to me;

  • Single mum
  • Alright salary
  • Couple of pound coins squirreled away in a savings account.

“Sure you can have a loan for a home… you just need to give us a £££VERY BIG NUMBER deposit!!!”

I died multiple times, right there in front of my laptop screen… Well, almost …The figures definitely gave me palpitations! For real.

I just don’t understand it! I’ve worked my bum off to get to where I’m at and I’m still pushing to be better and go further… I’ve not sat with my hand out waiting for …handouts! …Yet still, it would seem, I have been priced out of London …My home town! What kind of nonsense is this!

So now, by force (well sort of… I totally could just suck it up, but …no!) I’m sticking my hand right out, with karate chop force, in to the universe and saying “I’d like to order a deposit for a home, south of the river Thames thank you, please!” …Don’t come at me with your foolishness “world” and tell me, with you crazy inflated prices, that I can’t buy a house down south! I’m not having it! This is not my portion.

So I’ve done what any deposit needing millennial, who has read the book “The Secret” would do …I’ve started a Go Fund Me… For funds …For me. (Seriously… click Go Fund Me, the hyperlink is live lol!)

Charity starts at …home”

According to the book I simply have to make my order from the universe, believe it is already mine and BOOM! It’s mine! Just like that …So here is my order! Deposit please and thanks… If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Obviously there’s a teeny bit more to it than that, but if you really want the ins and outs of “The Secret” get the book or watch the film. Thank me later!

If you live in London (and probably even if you don’t) you’ll be aware of the fact that the rent prices on shoebox sized living quarters is sickening and made just a tad worse by the fact that paying a monthly mortgage can be cheaper than paying rent for a room in a shared flat. It’s like they’re mocking us… The stumbling block for most, between being a renter or a home owner, is more often than not, the deposit… that little boost to get the ball rolling.

Which is poop!

Sure I and many others could get the funds together to move in to a shed, round the back of nowhere and live way outside of London and in my case sharing one room with my 9-year-old daughter, quicker than I  and they could get a place across from my Mums house… But who wants to up sticks  and live in isolation away from family and friends, with intermittent depression for company? …Definitely not me!

And once out there (in the wilderness… with the worst sense of direction!) how exactly am I going to work, to be able to pay for this newly acquired dwelling, without my Mum? Have you seen the price of childcare people? I would be working to pay someone else to look after my small person, whilst scraping together the coppers left over, to pay the mortgage …We’d be eating ice for dinner and going to sleep (in our shed) for dessert…

Ok maybe it wouldn’t be quite that dramatic but still… I’m not going!

…So come through universe with multiple small offerings! I know the secret and I’m ready for a home close to home!

Dream BIG! People!

Thanks in advance

Love Bald Font xx 

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