All about me…

Hello there beautiful, I am Bald Font!

I‘m a 5ft1, currently single (please feel free to attempt to change that), just over 30 years old, Mum of one… I’m black, bald, tattooed …And I’m taking control of my mind!

So my 2018 didn’t quite go to plan! I started the year screaming This is my year! and ended it screaming “Oh my God, help!

I’d been bobbing along through 2018 like a normal well-rounded adult …I was adulting like a pro! …I mean, there was the tiniest blip around April, when I got signed off work with stress, but I dusted myself off after a couple of days, told no one and rolled back in to life …as ya do!

After that unfortunate episode, I continued skipping along like nothing had happened, until one grey November morning, BOOM! My brain malfunctioned! …It quite literally shut down. I woke up with a terrible headache, went to the Doctors for some migraine tablets and left with a Doctors note, antidepressants and a little card with the contact details for a counsellor!

Not quite what I was expecting that Monday morning, I’d have been happy enough with some pain killers and strict instructions to nap regularly, but no… The doctor said I have depression. Uh oh!

Now, I’m not suggesting you all run out and “catch” depression, but I can honestly say as I sit and type this blog, that it has been one of the best things that could have happened to me! …Mental I know right (no pun intended), but it’s the kick up the bum I needed, to finally PROPERLY get myself together… I’m grabbing my future by the balls, there will be no overdosing on naps for me! I’m going to put myself back together from the inside out.

I’ve decided to actively NOT be depressed! The end.

I have no plan of how to not be depressed, I just know for sure this isn’t for me and I therefore will not be a part of this relationship for long. It’s crap and I don’t want it! …The antidepressants can stay for a while though, they are superb* …but everything else can jog on. 

2018 was a teeny bit not ok, 2019 MUST be better, right? It better be!

I made a vision board last week of all the things I want for my future including starting this blog! So here it is… Yay me! Hopefully before the year is through, I’ll have covered all the bits and bobs on my board and more

Considering the recent events and a couple of past events too, I’m feeling surprisingly optimistic about the future! …Granted it might be the antidepressants that have put this spring in my step, but still! I’m taking it… and the pills …for now.

You’ll be able to read about how I muddle through life by following “Stories In Bald Font” I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing …This adventure is going to be epic, tell ya friends!

Love Bald Font xx

*Take drugs responsibly