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Sometimes when my head is full, I let my thoughts out through poetry…

I write and it feels good… I read my poems out loud, on my own in my room, like a mini performance just for me and as I hear myself say the words, it feels like therapy

And then I forget all about the little notepads I’ve scribbled in and find them many moons later, shoved at the back of drawers and under my bed! Shambles!

It’s time for change!

Today I would like to share one of my many poems with you!

I wrote it almost 10 years ago and only shared it with my mum 2 weeks ago, so this is actually a pretty big thing for me!

Like this blog post, sharing my poetry is long overdue (SORRY! My time keeping will get better, promise!)

I really hope you enjoy it!

[Deep breath… Annnnd post!]


There’s no point starting afresh

With the same frame of mind that got you in to this mess


Might as well let life flow

Try to plant happiness, you reap what you sow

Here we go…

Not  a lone woman, but my own woman

Not an “I” land, but no more “My man

Do you see?

You feel me?

…I’m gonna do me!

I can be FREE!

But I can’t lie, everyone likes company

But from who?

Friends, family…

My baby…

…Baby Daddy?


What the hell 

Might as well have him on the list

Rather than off the list

I don’t want to be a solo artist

I’m not that great a vocalist


What I’m trying to say is…


…But do I want this?

All this shit wasn’t on the list!

It’s not written down,

So it doesn’t need a tick


Somebody give me a hug…

I’m just looking for somebody to love 

But wait…

My friends, my family

My baby

…Baby Daddy

And what about ME?

And last, but not least WoMan like





Shouldn’t She make me happy?

Make my grey days seem sunny?

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” 

So I know I’ll be fine…


I think I lost sight…

Of what is important…

The only thing that is certain…

Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain

It’s not a joke thing

So could you imagine

If my faith grew to the size of a pumpkin

…Or something

…Let me not get ahead of myself, I have a tendency to do that

But I can work on that!

Lets start small and see where we end at…

A pinch of salt

A grain of sand

I’m not on my own God is holding my hand


Scratch that She is carrying me!



Let me not get too deep and…




“Though my heart is aching 

Smile, even though its breaking”


I’m smiling, because I am growing!

I confess I am healed, before it is done

But it has begun!

She loves me so deeply

She sent me Her son

So I’ll take this new frame of mind and run!

Fly with it! Take it deeper than the depths of the sea!


Because Her only son died for me…

Her Baby, for my baby!

My friends

My family


…My Baby Daddy?

Because I am loved, I can look back fondly 

What will be…

What is TRULY meant to be


Despite me!

I’ve had a break through 

She has a plan for me, true?

So why am I chasing you?


I think now it’s time to get deep

When you look in the sand and see one set of feet don’t weep 

Know that you’re safe in the palm of Her hand

And She won’t let you go till She knows you can stand

On your own two

But not just you

Because She is in you

And shines out of YOU

And when You and I

Can stand up and say from the depths of our hearts

That this is TRUE

Then Me and You

Can truly


For You to do You

And Me to do Me…

…And understand what it really means to be HAPPY

A poem By Rachel aka Bald Font 


Thanks for reading…


Love Bald Font XX






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